Monday, March 23, 2015

This is a CONCEPT COVER by the author--It is not offical

Moonscript is a novel in progress by Hannah Williams. She is currently in her third draft. Once she feels it is ready, she will set forth on the road called Publishing and hopes you will join her for the journey.

Long ago, the elven king hid away his most precious book, the Moonscript, for it held the secrets of the unreachable Higher World. Evil has long sought this knowledge . . . and the heir to the Moonscript has vanished . . . .

   Such stories should have nothing to do with Tellie. Young Tellie is a simple orphan girl with one desire in her heart--to find a family. But when dark strangers visit her inn, she discovers a mysterious treasure and suddenly every hope and dream is stolen from her grasp. If she is to escape hellish imprisonment, she must rescue a fellow captive, the only person left alive who can read the Moonscript.
But which will be harder--rescuing him from the dungeons . . . or from himself? In the quest to save his life, her own life will be forever changed.